About Wentworth

A Brief History…

Wentworth sits on the junction of Australia’s two mightiest rivers – the Murray and Darling.

Captain Charles Sturt discovered the junction of Australia’s two mightiest river systems – the Murray and Darling – in the 1830s paving the way for what was to become the thriving river port town of Wentworth.

The overlanders followed the explorers, using the routes along the river the drive their cattle to the Adelaide markets. The trail along the Murrumbidgee and Murray Rivers became so popular it became known as the Sydney/Adelaide ‘highway’.

With the arrival of the river steamers in 1853, the small hamlet found itself ideally situated as an administrative and commercial centre for the untapped wealth of the vast outback.

For many years Sydney and Newcastle were the only ports in New South Wales to handle more cargo than Wentworth as the steamers brought a new sophistication to the rugged river towns. They carried the hopes and dreams of the communities they served for more than three quarters of a century.

Wentworth became a town on June 21, 1859, named for the New South Wales explorer and politician William Charles Wentworth.

As an affluent town situated on the junction of Australia’s two most important rivers, Wentworth was once considered a potential site for the nation’s capital. It made it to the short-list of three, but Canberra won out. Thankfully!


Wentworth is a town steeped in history and a tourist area of great diversity. The region has much to offer the visitor including:

  • The junction of the country’s two largest waterways, the Murray & Darling Rivers.
  • Lock 10 and Weir
  • Paddle steamers and houseboats
  • Historic buildings including the Old Wentworth Gaol and Pioneer Museum
  • The picturesque Perry Sand Hills
  • Aboriginal culture and galleries
  • The Australian Inland Botanical Gardens
  • Mungo National Park and Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area
  • Unique outback and river scenery and an abundance of native flora and fauna. 


Wentworth Visitor Information Centre http://www.visitwentworth.com.au

Wentworth & District Community Bank www.bendigobank.com.au/wentworth

Wentworth Shire Council www.wentworth.nsw.gov.au

Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club www.coomeallaclub.com.au

Murray Darling River Holidays www.murraydarlingriverholidays.com

Racing NSW www.racingnsw.com.au www.saddleupsundays.com.au

Accommodation in Wentworth and Dareton

Coomealla Club Motel & Caravan Park – Silver City Hwy, Dareton 03 5027 4737

Darling Junction Motor Inn – William Street, Wentworth 03 5027 3636

Royal Hotel Motel – Darling Street, Wentworth 03 5027 3005

Two Rivers Motel  – Silver City Highway, Wentworth 03 5027 3268

Wentworth Club Motel – Cnr Sandwich & Adams Sts, Wentworth 03 5027 3535

Wentworth Grande Resort – Darling Street, Wentworth 03 5027 2225

Wentworth Willow Bend Caravan Park – Darling Street, Wentworth 03 5027 3213

Wentworth Central Motor Inn – Adams Street, Wentworth 03 5027 3777

Outback Almonds2704B Low Darling Rd, Wentworth NSW 2648, Australia

Or get a group of friends together and hire a houseboat for the 4 day weekend. Houseboats come in a variety of sizes, luxury and hire rates.

Contact the Wentworth Visitor Centre for more information on 03 5027 3777 or visit their website at visitwentworth.com.au